Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saying goodbye to a sterling artist...

Back once again for the Battletech Master
d6 damage with the ill behavior

Okay, so nobody knows who Fatboy Slim is. As my son would say, “Dad, that is just wrong on so many levels’. Never copy the young. Except even Fatboy Slim is getting old. Hope he doesn’t read this blog. Fatboy Steve is in the house.

Not much to report on the wordage front. Geoff hasn’t submitted anything for two whole days, which means his lady probably had him out on a picnic or something. Good for him, I say. I suppose that means it is time to send something out to the proofreaders, so I will collect the works and get them out tonight.

David White submitted his last commission for the TRO today. He will be leaving us with six phenomenal pieces. The final work, a Lyran Griffin, is posted at the top. I am very sorry to see him go – I was hoping to get a couple good vehicles out of him ;) but really, the man earns a ton of money doing this sort of work for the movers and shakers. According to Dave, one of them is now Catalyst Games. It seems he got their attention and they are commissioning new pieces, so we may see more of his fine work in the near future. The pay will be much better, Dave! Thank you for devoting your time and effort to this TRO.

JP has posted the Thug as a finished piece, though there are some bits to tidy up. We are working on the Blackjack and it should be ready by the end of the week. Next up will be a vehicle, either the Horatio or the Mastodon.

The rest of the artists have not yet reported in, but they have their assignments and I am not a micromanager. Or, at least, not a very good one. The Leopard VTOL should be appearing next, if all goes well.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping in.



Anonymous said...

Great to hear that David is getting some work from Catalyst. Sad that he is done doing work for the TRO

Capt Kampson

David White Illustration said...

Yeah, I have just started my first piece for Catalyst. They aren't the reason I am so busy though... I just started another Hot Wheels book for Scholastic and that is a lot of work.

I had fun doing the TRO mechs so THANK YOU Steven!

Keep in touch, the funks yo brotha'....

Anonymous said...

And the real bummer is, unlike your work for the TRO here, we won't be able see the work you do for Catalyst till is comes out in the final product. :(

Capt Kampson