Friday, February 04, 2011

The Progress Report....


Here is the latest:

- Paul Skowronek – dropped off the edited stuff on schedule. The last of the Werefox line is edited, and Paul is now working on the ‘Mech writeups for the Draconis Combine.

- Dave 'BurningChrome' Hindelang is working on the corrections he’s spotted via the Prototype PDF. So far we have two pieces done. Trouble is, they are in the DC, on which Paul is currently working. Another problem is that the pieces are as seen in the prototype PDF, which I think adds certain errors that are less a writing issue and more of a data entry bug. Don’t get me wrong – I want those corrected too, but first things first.

- The HMV and HMAero PDF files are done. That is, the data for each machine and all its variants has been entered as an HMP, HMV or HMA file.

- We have begun Phase Two of the Heavy Metal experience – I am entering the finalized writeups into each HM file. We are coming along nicely with that – as a matter of fact, it so happens I have spotted some issues with the writeups (mostly stuff added to fill in gaps in word count left by Paul’s editing) and corrected them.

- Dave is also providing me with files of a sort I had not considered – MegaMek. Apparently the couple of designs he has tested so far have been solid performers, so Dave is now attempting to get artwork for them. Apparently there is an avatar for each machine – he is going to work with an artist to create the images required for MegaMek.

I don’t know – I suppose anything that lets you play BattleTech in your underwear is probably worth that kind of effort. Hell, it’s a hobby, right? This is just another facet.

- Stephen Huda is continuing his work on the Werefox line. There are some issues he has to resolve at home, but he has been working hard nonetheless and the Werefox D'Artagnan infantry combat vehicle is at the top of today's entry. Stephen has been paid up to date.

- Eric Ou is up to his neck in classwork and as I have stated before, I think that comes first. He has done some preliminary sketches on the Outworlds Alliance Leopard Gunship and the Draconis Combine’s Sher Khan. He might get to them in the next couple of weeks – depends on his school workload, of course. Eric is paid up to date as of this evening.

- Please give a hearty welcome to a new artist, Anthony Scroggins. I have commissioned him to do a couple of black and white pieces and perhaps a color plate. Yes, we have made room for one more. The prices are at the upper limit of my affordability and I will take a couple of paydays to cover them, but if you visit his deviantArt site [] you should come away feeling much as I do - the man is worth every penny.

Here is an example of his work, colorized by our layout man Bill Burt:

[Please note: this piece was originally done for Strider's Strikers
( and is used with their permission]

The Current State of Technical Readout:3063

As I mentioned in the last post, your feedback has been vital to my project. So I have decided that it is time for me to outline some feedback of my own to you, the BattleTech reader. Many of you have been following this blog for years now and for that, I thank you. Here are some quick summaries to show where we are:


So far that is where we stand. I estimate from the number of pieces left to do that I will need to set aside at least $350 for the art and $300 for the editing. A total of $650 and we should be done. It will come to about $3700 for everything.

We’re getting there. The best part is that our artists, writers and editors don’t have to wait until we get published so they can get paid!

Thanks for stopping by.