Monday, April 27, 2020

Welcome To the site!

Hi!  If you're new here, and looking to download the fan-made TRO: 3063 and associated books (Record Sheets, Alpha Strike cards, etc), please use the map on the right and go to September 2012.  The first entry will be your destination.  I have installed new links for your downloading ease.


This site has been through a few changes due to my various dreams.

I wanted to get a German language version out.  I spent money and time on that and though the second guy was willing to do it, Real Life intervened and I realized I just didn't have the chops to do it.  Throwing money at a late project doesn't save the timetable.  And there didn't seem to be a demand. 

I stop in about once a quarter to my cloud storage and check the traffic specific to the download of the TRO.  I don't do this to feed my ego.  I do it to gauge the need for maintaining this place and the links. 

So far it seems substantial, enough to justify keeping this blog open and the cloud storage paid up.  For the past eight years, you folks coming here have been able to download this TRO to your heart's content. 

That shouldn't change. 

Enjoy your stay here.