Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back Once Again...

Hi. That story 'Orbit' won First Place. Wrote another one for the Spring Fiction 2007 over at Battletech Universe, waiting to see how it goes.

In between? Well, I wrote a short story featuring Dillon and his Grandfather for a fellow doing a Fan TRO.

Gave criticism to David Bowen, an old friend of mine who had sent me what he'd done so far on his Fantasy RPG setting. He's supposed to publish soon and has been working on this for years. Unfortunately, what he has is manifestly unready for primetime. He did not think to research the behavior of rivers or weather or people in certain circumstances, and so I fear I shot a lot of holes in his work. Furthermore, there were a lot of writing errors.

I don't think he took it well. I haven't heard from him in a month, and frankly won't be suprised if he never calls again. But I will be sad. I liked him a lot.

My son 'gradumacated' from sixth grade with all the pomp the babysitters could manage. Even he didn't want to go. But his Momma is proud. I took him swimming as a reward, and stuffed him with Papa Murphy's before sending the little guy to bed.

Today Tru Life called. I think it's to offer me the job I interviewed for on Tuesday the 19th of June, 2007. I hope so. I am tired of the commute at Fire King, being Joe and Lyle's scratching post, and feeling like a useless schlub for the past three and a half years. I was and did so many things in the Navy before going to work for Jim. How could I have become such a useless fucking drone in that short a time?

Giving my two week's notice will be like lancing a boil. $180 a pay period for gas alone. Another $30 for the bridge toll. I make $12.50 an hour, and my last raise was in 2004. I know the drill. If I ask for a raise, he'll ask why. If I say I need more money, he'll ask why I don't just work more hours.

Well, for starters, I commute 75 miles to work and another 75 home. Second, I am not a 'member' at work, meaning I'm on the outside looking in, permanently. I will never be 'one of the guys', no matter how long I work there. Jim does not trust me.

Third, I spend an average of two hours to work, two and a half home each day of the week. My car started with 75000 on it, now it has 224000. The Navy kept me away from my family for years, and we put up with it because the pay was good, the benefits were good and retirement was good. I am tired of leaving early and coming home late. That's why I don't work more hours.

But more importantly, a raise indicates my increased value to the company. So far it hasn't even kept pace with the rise in the cost of living. I know when I am not wanted, and it's time to go. It's been time for two years, but I was afraid and foolish.

Not anymore.

Let Jim find some young man to do his fire extinguishers, his shot blasting and all the other sundry duties I perform in a work week. I'm not the guy he wants.

John turned in the first Part of his Shrek Story. We worked on it together, and even though the requirement is no longer there, he wants to see the rest of it written down. So we'll maybe hit that tomorrow night. Outline is already done.

I am now doing fluff text for another Fan TRO, the 3062. It really is well thought out, and the artwork is stellar. I am putting my best effort into it, and so far Vlad approves. He has offered me more fluff to work on after the present 'Mechs are done. I wish it paid, even a little, but every little bit helps me to hone my craft.

And gets the word out, hopefully.

See ya in a month.