Sunday, December 18, 2022

 I have some News on the TRO: 3063 Miniature front....

Ten years have come and gone since we released the TRO: 3063.  I made a paper copy of it, considered making an Updates version, and life went on.

Some people used it in their own games, others simply read it.

Back in 2011, we collaborated with several artists to create 3D models for miniatures based on the illustrations found in the TRO.  There were about fifteen or so.  They seemed popular.  All of these miniatures had to be purchased from Shapeways, a 3D printer foundry, because ten years ago, only company-level organizations could afford to purchase and install 3D printers.

The Shapeways miniatures were (and are) expensive.  

Over the years, our principal miniature designer, Dorian Sherratt, died of a heart attack while playing lazertag somewhere in Scotland.  God rest his soul.  Meanwhile, 3D printers came down in size and price and went up in capability and speed.  So much so, that everyone with a few hundred laying around can make his or her own custom miniatures.  The CAD programs for designing miniatures (and other things) have also increased in power and gone down in price. 

So now, our former layout man, the irreducible William S. Burt, is in the business of making miniatures based on what's in the TRO: 3063!

He has an artist, a very good one, Kiwi Colour Studios, who will be gradually producing a model for each machine in the book.

I know some of you still play Battletech, some of you actually used the machines in our TRO, and some of you have always wanted miniatures to represent your stuff on the table.  Good.  But - a Shapeways miniature now costs almost $50 for the good high-rez version.  Some new options are on the way. 

You can get the STL files either by joining Kiwi Colour Studio's patreon


or when they are released on Cult3D. There are several authorized merchants that will be able to print the mini for you if you don't have a printer...

Give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by.