Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making Headway on the TRO:3063 - despite setbacks...

Capellan Confederation
Erlang Shen - Anti-Aircraft for the Trinity Alliance


Work on the TRO advances by the day. Here are the highlights:

- Bill’s computer is running great (especially for World of Tanks and the Alpha World of Airplanes). We fixed the text on the back cover so it is nice and clear.

- There were some issues with the order in which we presented the warloads. They have been organized by location.

- for ‘Mechs: RA, RT, RL, LA, LT, LL, CT, HD.

- for Vees and Aerospace craft, it was: Turret, Front, Left Side, Right Side, Rear, Body.

Furthermore, we organized the equipment / weapons within a location. For ‘Mechs, it goes from the largest weapon to the smallest, then equipment, then ammo, then jump jets and CASE. For Vehicles, it is the same, although the Body locations include Cargo and Infantry Bays, which come first.

- I tweaked the entry for the Free Worlds League’s Striker II – dropped the Artemis and added CASE and more armor.

- The OmniMech and OmniTanks have been fixed, and we modified one of the Configurations for the Capellan Confederation’s Culverin to include a Thumper artillery piece.

Setbacks along the way...

We have been working on the cover art and the Record Sheets, but as you saw in the header, there have been some setbacks. Neither of these have gone as smoothly as was hoped.

- Our cover artist has gone MIA for a month now. He sent an update at the end of February and we have not heard from him since. I gave him until the end of March to finish the piece and am currently in negotiations with Anthony Scroggins to craft a new piece if necessary.

- We were working with Denis Pottkämper in Germany to create new-style Record Sheets. I have not been able to get a response from him in at least a month. I am currently trying to figure out which software I will need to get, learn and use to create the sheets for myself. John Baker may be able to lend a hand mid-April, but that is still up in the air.

- Several people have dropped by to donate to the project via the PayPal button. Thank you all! However... brand new art from Anthony Scroggins will not be cheap, and my wife is currently looking for a job, so spare money around here is scarce. I will proceed with the cover, but it would sure help if some of you folks could hit the Button for five or ten bucks.

In return, I will be happy to send you a snip of your favorite faction from the current Prototype. The last Prototype available to the public was v6.0, and we are currently up to v10.3, so you will get a view of something very close to what will hit the street.

Barring unforeseen emergencies, we are looking at the third week in April for publishing.

Thanks for stopping by.