Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some updating IS occasionally needed...

The Drop Ship went over like gangbusters and Catalyst Games bought it for $400!

Of course, I pissed the money away. I am back to budgeting on paper because if the dough is in my pocket, it's just a matter of days before it's gone and damned if I can recall what I spent it all on. I just know the bills aren't getting paid.

The TRO:3062 with Vlad is done, and it looks darn sweet. I wrote the intro, the section intros, the outtro and thirty eight fluff pieces. We had some problems with factual errors and spelling, a last-minute battle over the final update (his only remaining piece was a mess, and I can't imagine how I missed it) and a boondoggle over the Battlemaster art, which was a warmed-over Unseen Griffin.

Sorry, Vlad. But that's what it was.

He got over his pride in a few days and fixed it, and now it's the talk of the town.

The BTU TRO is a dead duck and I told TPTB over at BTU so and why. "We don't talk about it", my white ass. Would you believe, they're actually making some of the changes I suggested. Like a deadline. I am onboard and writing four pieces for them.

Took a break from writing stories. Kinda burned out after the TRO, even found myself at loose ends when I'm not writing. I've been pounding away at the keyboard for a year now, on one thing or another. But breaktime is nearly over.

I'm actually kinda looking forward to it. The days are getting colder, and soon I will no longer be able to smoke while writing outside on the table. I will soon shift to my son John's computer instead, which will please him to no end, as he loves to fall asleep listening to the teek-tokkity-tok of the keyboard as I write.

John helped me work on my Type 2 black and white Magic:TG deck tonight. It's looking pretty good. We still have some bugs to work out, but a few Loxodon Warhammers and some Outposts and it should be workable. I swore off Type 2 ten years ago, and still don't like the bastards I have to play. But John likes it and I am determined to follow him, as he once followed me, in order to share this hobby.

The job goes well. David Wamsley is leaving, no one will miss him personally, although we will miss his professional knowledge and skills. Here's to the new guy coming up to speed ASAP, as I will be doing first articles every day from now on.

Hopefully I will rate my own stamp before too much longer.

Well, a smoke and then off to bed. It's Wednesday and hump day was pretty good. Our next door neighbor Ryan finally got rid of the bums he mistakenly rented his house to, and I thought I'd be a witness for him. But no one came by today, and as John mentioned, it's not really my problem.

See ya in a few.