Monday, July 06, 2009

A few updates on progress...

Hey there! Not much to add to the blog but a few updates.

First: the third draft of the intros has come back and I have incorporated all of Paul’s suggestions. It’s actually readable! I will send them back one more time tonight. There are a lot of words and Paul may find more to correct; we’ll see.

Second: David has already (!) come up with a preliminary sketch for the Lyran Griffin, and the pose looks pretty good. I have sent it back with some suggestions and corrections for the final drawing. Thank you, David, for jumping on this one so quickly! I know you are very busy, and hope the holiday weekend gave you some much-needed ‘decompression’ after the massive number of deadlines you had to meet in the past month.

I have also sent Jeff (one of our proofreaders) five writeups on the Capellan vehicles. I am sure he will pick them apart, but he does it well, and that’s why we need his services so badly. Good luck, Jeff.

No responses from the other new artists yet, but I keep an eye on the email and the website, so as soon as something appears, I will post it here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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