Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas of 2008, still around...

Hey, just popped in to see if anyone ever reads this. Yeah, thought not.

S'okay. Too many bloggers out there running their faces, yapping a hundred miles an hour, thinking that hits = immortality. It's all about fame.

Of course, that is a crock.

Things are weird at work. I am getting along - the pressure and hostility just suddenly came to a screeching halt in, let's see, about September. I am not sure why, though I have several theories, none of which flatter me as a person or a professional, but which have the cachet of being actually probable.

I am working on the remains of the TRO:3063. What is left is Introductions, a few writeups for the vehicles (about four) and about ten pieces of art. Unfortunately the art is expensive, although I have a line on an artist who might relieve me of some of that burden.

But really, I had to get away from the writing for a while. It consumed most of my spare time this past year and gave me too many excuses to recuse myself from my wife and son. I am now begining to re-discover the pleasure of my son John's company, though it is nearly too late as he has now got a circle of friends with whom he hangs out.

He does not prefer their company exclusively to mine. Or not yet.

Anyway, it is late and I must turn in if I am to be fresh for tomorrow. Hope this economy does not cost me my job. My hobby of miniature building and painting is on an upswing, and there are many who are interested in my reposing of the various static Battletech miniatures.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mid 2008!? The hell?

Gonna keep this short. Still have my job, doing lots of overtime. Am about two-thirds the way through TRO:3063, am working with a wonderful writing partner. Unfortunately, he will be returning to school in September and we still have a lot of writing to do.

More later, when I have the time. Thanks for looking!