Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pre- Christmas Update.

Hey. It's a few days before Christmas and I am just about done shopping. Wish we'd had time to window-shop this year - the boy came up with about four non-Magic related items he'd like. Momma has her wish, so does John, but I have no idea what I want and that is a bad thing.

On a lighter note, I am beginning to do write-ups for the next TRO. The art I commissioned turned out well, albeit two months late. 'Dawn Patrol' is a winner, now for 'Chaperoned'. The brief attempt I made to do BTU TRO write ups ended with acrimony. My first submission, for the Forge, was 'too long' and 'not professional enough'. It exceeded the 300 word limit per section at least once.

I promptly reminded them that they knew how I wrote before agreeing to take me on, that no one was paying me a dime for the work, and that if they wanted to shorten it, they were welcome to try. Then I resigned. No wonder BattleTech Universe's TRO effort has ground to a halt. Too few people doing, too many telling them what they can't do.

But I did finish the Isometrus. Only because it was Bill Burt's design and I promised him I would complete it no matter what. After trimming it and getting feedback on it (again, apparently too much zest for a boring-ass TRO, but I did tone it down a bit), I submitted same.

The roof leaks, but I know where and why, so it's just a matter of dry weather and a visit to Lowe's.

Current house favorite is 'Helicopter' by Bloc Party.

Gotta change the car's oil. Gotta move the wood to the newly-reinforced wood rick. Gotta change the van's oil. Gotta get a replacement fan for the car so it will defrost correctly (fan is the fourth one to crap out in this car).

More later. Oh, heard from Angelique Palassis (new last name, though). Not as interesting as I thought she might be, but then I suppose the disappointment is mutual. I inherently fight shy of people who forward chain mail and 'joke of the week'.