Saturday, July 04, 2009

Help me draw the line. Please.

Hi. I am supposed to be running errands today, but was dipping into a BT website when I came across a link to an artist. One thing led to another, and now I have a problem.

See those images above? I will give you one guess as to which is the original Mammoth Tank from the video game Command and Conquer III, and which is derivative.

Do any of you want to see stuff like that in the TRO? No, really, tell me if it makes a difference to you as a reader and a fan. I know it will make a difference to my wallet. I am trying to draw the line between 'inspired by' and 'ripoff'.

What have the fans seen? I never saw the original tank until today - I thought the drawings we had were original, though I have to admit the turrets on both our pieces look very similar...

I need your help. When does something like this become unacceptable to the average fan out there? I need input, so ask around. This is important, and fixing it could cost hundreds of dollars.

Meanwhile, another piece has joined the short list of art which needs a commission, and for much the same reasons:

!!! NEW !!!


Thug THG-13M - this is another assault 'Mech carrying an ER large laser in each arm, two Streak SRM-4 launchers in each side torso and an internal Guardian ECM suite. To be patterned after an existing piece done by an earlier artist (we like the 'Mech) but in a more active pose and with new arms (the present arms are too 'derivative').

Thank you for your time.



Anonymous said...

Top image will work but the bottom one is too close a copy.

Capt Kampson

Steven Satak said...

I see what you mean. Yes, the bottom one is closer and furthermore, in the same pose.


Anonymous said...

I think if the artist could change the weapons from the second picture to the ones in the first, that would work out best. It has the more menacing silhouette. As it is, it's pretty much a copy of the Mammoth, but at least it's a good copy. It just needs some touch ups to make it distinctively different. I hope that all made sense.

Steven Satak said...

The problem is that we are supposed to be publishing original art, original writing, etc, all done the best we can to the company's own standards.

Line tracings over something produced by Electronic Arts and then tweaked a bit just doesn't cut it. As was mentioned, the top image is barely acceptable. The one on the bottom is another matter. And yes, the question is 'do I replace it?"


Glasshawk said...

I know I'm responding to an old post here, but I've been reading over your blog and I've noticed a lot of the artwork from the guy who drew the Mammoth rip-off is eitehr tracings of stuff from games, kitbashes of other Battelmechs, or outright rip-offs of other people on Deviant-Art. If you want, I can give ya some of the artists he has ripped off, since you can lay some of the artwork he has in his DA account (that he says is for the TRO) over the other person's artwork and notice that it is a trace and bad shade job.

Steven Satak said...

Yeah, go for it, but be specific about which pieces offend. I have already replaced about forty percent of the art and it has cost me nearly $2000. Inspired by, I can live with, but blatant rip-offs are a no-go.