Sunday, June 28, 2009

More news from the Art front...

Well, the changes to the Introductions have been made. I have scotched the idea that the Free Worlds League created a ‘mega-factory’ on Panjang after it was pointed out that, unlike the Draconis Combine, this was something Thomas Marik probably could not accomplish. Too much political resistance. Besides, this would require that I go back into all the FWL writeups and change manufacturing locations, manufacturers mentioned in the writeup itself. Too much work.

Eriance is currently tied up with summer school, so there is no telling when we will see more art from him. I will keep sending money, but there is only so much time in anyone’s day and Eric’s doing well in school is far more important than our little project. We may have to bump the printing date back, because there are other issues with art.

David White is under several deadlines, as was mentioned before. Hopefully he will get a chance for a break – even *I* took four months off from writing just to recharge my batteries and Geoff has had school and other things to attend to in the past. It *is* a hobby, after all, not a living or a lifestyle. Daniel Cherng is off to Taiwan for a few weeks, so it will be a while before he can begin work in earnest on his assignments (the CM-33 is shaping up nicely, however).

Summer has hit us – so very little time to do the work on this TRO with all the other things calling. There is house work, of course, but also house repairs while the weather is good, yard work while the weeds are dry, and the usual non-CBT activities with my friends and family. I have been trying to make the most of the rare instances where our artists, writers and proofreaders have time to work, but time is easily the hardest resource to come by.

It is nearly the end of my too-brief weekend, but we have made more progress; not as much as I would like, but patience is the key. It has been nearly two years since this project got started, and while I feel a little pressure to complete it at the two-year mark, it may take a bit longer. However, the biggest pressure is to ‘make hay while the sun shines’ – getting the hard work (art, proofing) out of the way before the artists and writers all have to buckle down for another school year. There is much to do still.

I put a reference to a military action on the world of Les Halles into four different writeups – one was a vehicle, three were FWL ‘Mechs. Unfortunately, nearly a year after writing these, my fact-checker (Geoff) found that such an encounter simply could not have taken place in 3063. So it is back to the drawing board with those writeups to find something which can plausibly replace the references. *Sigh*. I really did think I could get away with it :)


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