Monday, June 22, 2009

Good News!

Howdy! Steve again.

I’ve got several bits of good news. The writing portion of the TRO is finished; that is, the portion where we take a design (or more rarely, an image) and come up with a TRO entry from scratch.

That is the first bit. Now that is not to say there will be no more changes to the writeups; Geoff has just returned several Capellan entries which have been improved with more accurate references to military units of the 3063-era and text which ties it a bit closer to events transpiring during the first and second waves of the FedCom Civil War.

That was the second bit. The third piece of good news is that Daniel Cherng and Mike Sullivan have both reported in. Mike has the scoop with a solid design for the Oculus combat spotter, and he is busy refining the image I chose to keep. Daniel still has nothing to show, but is eager by all accounts to get started. I will shift another VTOL (the Leopard) over to him – in addition to the Dragonfly, he has four Vees to work on. He really does good work and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with on his drawing board.

The final announcement is that David White, after many hours of wrangling, has come up with a sketch for the Thunderbolt. The parameters of this particular design are challenging, and it is hard to distill them into an image which conveys the sheer difference of this T-bolt from the standard fusion-powered model while retaining the traditional styling cues. He too is plugging away and I hope to have something within a week or two.

That’s all!

No, wait! Our proofreaders have begun returning the snippets I sent and the results are every bit as encouraging as I’d hoped. Some pieces had few flaws; others were in need of some additional love and I gave it. Thanks, guys! Keep on charging and keep an eye on your email for more of the same. The work you are doing is vital, and I depend on your keen eyes and timely turnarounds to maintain our publishing schedule.


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