Friday, October 24, 2014

Sollte es eine TRO 3063 in Deutsch sein?


It has been two years since we published the fan-made TRO:3063.

I have been busy with other hobbies and interests since then, but have continued to maintain my OpenDrive account for downloads.

If you want to download the Technical Readout and accompanying files, the links are in the September 2012 blog entry.



I have recently been discussing a German translation of the fan-made TRO:3063 with Andre Winter, a professional translator.  He seems to think such an effort would be worthwhile.  I have never detected a demand for a German language version, but I do know BattleTech is quite popular in Germany.

Does anyone out there have an insight into this?  I cannot promise it will be done quickly - we're talking probably a couple entries a week, if that, and it would be a year before it would be ready.  And of course, I would have to run it out there and check it with German-speaking editors.

However, my son John is studying German in college (sophomore) and so this seems appropriate.

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Steve Satak

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