Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Art, New Music and the TRO Update..


I would like to report a lot of things happening, but there hasn’t been that much going on this last week. However, we have made some progress on important stuff:

- Have not heard from Eric for a week at least. Our original layout man, James Devlin, has been silent as well, despite my sending a lot of stuff his way.

- Terrance Wong is working on colorizing and has already trotted out some nice preliminary work. We are probably going to lighten up the Battlemaster a bit, though.

- Paul Skowronek returned six writeups to me with quite a few notes attached. I have already completed the changes on five of them, with the last one to be done as the week wears on. Six down, one hundred and one to go. Seriously, I don’t think he will stick with us for that long – he is a very busy guy and to be honest, this sort of work can get boring pretty fast. But I will take whatever I can get.

Try to understand – Geoff and I thought these were ready to publish. But they’re not, and it shows only when Paul does his editing thing. I can’t see it until he points it out. I will bring one to this blog to illustrate what I mean. Meanwhile, I have sent another six to eight pieces to him, from the Capellan vehicles section.

- Ian Stead is working on the Tomahawk, though I have nothing to show for it just yet.

- Karl Olson has completed work on the San-Ku-Chu, which is really nice and is our blog post header for this week.

- Daniel Cherng is in Utah - he works on the Katana when he can.

- Chris Duke is working on the Panzerfaust and making progress. He has already made the changes I asked for, and is presently working on a black and white version.

- I have already commissioned, received and paid for the White Knight, but the more I look at it, the less happy I am with the overall quality of the work. Now you know I would normally go running to Eric for a quick fix, but he is working on an aero and a VTOL for me and is sick of BattleMechs. Even so, I might beg him to redo the White Knight. The ‘Mech is good – prdarkfox did a good job with the basic design – but it’s just a bit too stiff and uneven for me.


I posted some new music in the player this week. I am trying to stay away from the most recent stuff; if you want to listen to it, you can turn on the radio. Otherwise you’d be hearing Justin Beiber and Jaden Smith. I put some electronica from a band whose lead singer just up and killed himself. Charming, I know. But the tune is kinda catchy.

Another piece of electronica is by Daft Punk and sounds pretty ginchy. It’s called ‘The Prime Time of Your Life’. However, the video that goes with it is probably the creepiest thing this degraded planet has ever seen. I still get chills thinking about it. Thus, I thoughtfully provide you a link to it below. Be careful who watches it; it involves skeletons and while there is not a drop of blood in it, this video is definitely not for the young and impressionable.
I have a link here so you can go see for yourself, but remember: you were warned.

The Evolution of the San-Ku-Chu

(Click on the images to get a better look… hit the back button to return to this page)

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Reinwood99 said...

Very cool vehicle...I can imagine all of the bodies stacking up as those side guns lay down fire! I can’t wait until this project is complete.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing. As your art example shows. Some of the "initial" art is better than official art in the TROs. With your "suggested" changes it brings it to a whole new level. Its too bad Catalyst has not allways taken that approach as is obvious with some of their recent art such as in TRO 3085.

 Ashley said...

Like the colourised Battlemaster a lot. This TRO has quality that will be remembered long after the cost in time, blood, sweat and tears has been forgotten.

Steven Satak said...

Heh. Am wondering how many of you viewed that linked video. There is no way to know, of course, and no one has commented on it yet....

 Ashley said...

Missed the link, but now you mention it...

Interesting. No, seriously, but a bit repetitive for a boring old fart like me.

Steven Satak said...

Yeah, the last half of the song is kinda boring, actually, if you don't have the video to watch.

On the other hand, this is electronica and meant for club dancing, trancing, whatever it is today. There are a lot of different kinds of ways to pass the evening these days...