Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July celebration...

Well, the story 'Houses' came in Fourth place this time. I think I rambled too much, or just picked a 'what-if' moment that was too obscure for the judges to really figure out. It wasn't a famous CBT historical battle or person, so they were left scratching their heads and wondering where the change was.

Oh well.

I am hoping the wretches at least give me some decent feedback on this so I can better write next time.

Oh, and a Note to my Future Self: when some ditz over on Classic Battletech Forums starts getting into how cool aliens would be, do not begin by commenting on how unbelieveable an alien race would be that had superior science, but acted like a bunch of goddamned insects driven by nothing outside of ego and appetite.

Alien moral ethics, my ass. That's us on a very bad day. Thankfully not often. "If it bleeds, it leads" would not be a news agency maxim if the bleeding were more commonplace.


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