Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Upcoming Changes

I know that no one besides me reads this thing. But allow me to flatter myself. Hell, no one else does.

That said, the posts to this blog are going to undergo a bit of convulsion in the next week. See, I am going to get to the end of the Interludes, tease them, tweak them, and then repost the entire bunch, one after the other. They will be in order, but these comments probably won't make any sense.

I am still planning to write about our monthly game. Chris Snider, the local FanPro Commando, doesn't seem too interested in having me post his GameStorm report here. I will do what I can to talk him into an expurgated version of what he will send to FanPro, I guess. He just doesn't seem all that interested in getting the word out, but what the hell, right? I get what I get.

Ta. Post a comment or something. This place has echoes, and it gives me the jibblies.


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