Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Art and Corrected Writeups Appear!

Hey hey! Here’s what’s been going on for the past few days.

Mike has come back with some preliminary work on the Cheyenne III VTOL. Lookin’ good, Mike! We have a few changes to make, but you have been putting in long hours on this one and frankly, I feel bad I can’t offer $$$ equal to the effort you’ve been making. The Oculus payment is on the way.

JP has been busy too, working on the Blackjack and a really impressive preliminary of the Thug. The Blackjack still needs some tweaking, but the Thug is nearly ready for primetime.

Jim has been slaving away like a digital blacksmith over a hot Forge, pardon the pun. We’ve made some changes to the preliminary drawing, changes which will make this machine as impressive as any of the other new art we’ve received so far.

Geoff has come through with more rewrites: the three ‘Mechs which were in a holding pattern have been corrected thanks to his tireless research. Thanks, buddy! I have not had the time to go over them yet, but am going to hit them on Friday evening. He also finished editing several Kuritan vehicles, expanding the anemic writeup of the BU-20a Ammo Carrier among others.

My son wants me to watch some episodes of ‘Red vs Blue’, a YouTube story based on images from Halo 3. It is pretty funny and surprisingly well-written. That will be an hour out of tomorrow night, but time well-spent with my son. We went swimming this evening, part of a joint effort to get into shape and lose some pounds. Fifteen laps (over and back) in an Olympic-size pool is pretty taxing, let me tell you! Four visits to the pool each week and I may finally catch my breath. He does them without pause, but then, that is a fourteen-year-old for you.

I am going to shoot some more writeups to the proofreaders, so heads up out there!

Finally, for the artists currently working on TRO projects: I humbly apologize if my recent corrections and descriptions are not adequate to the task. It has been difficult to get much time on the house computer to research the images and fully describe in an email what I want in the way of changes to your preliminary work. I am a firm believer in good communications and promise to redouble my efforts to be clearer and more to the point when it comes to modifying your work. Your time is valuable, and I feel in some cases that I have been wasting it.

Take care and thank you for stopping by.


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