Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A day off... and the update.


Well, I took a day off. Principle reason? Taking my military medical records down to the VA man and seeing if I can get a disability allowance. My fellow retirees say I should have done that back in 2003, when I retired, but back then, the TAPS class instructor was adamant – the gummint was not gonna pay me twice for my service, so a successful disability claim would only mean my retirement pay would shift in source, not in the amount I got each month. I could not get paid 30% disability (assuming they gave me even that for my poor knees) AND a full retirement check each month.

Well, word has it that changed late last year, so it’s off to the VA office to begin the process. Wish me luck.

I put off taking the house computer in for servicing because it is gone, but not so far gone that I cannot try transferring files from the desktop to a jump drive. It will require me getting familiar with DOS commands again, but worth not having to pay the computer guy money to drop those same files onto a CD. I may do that in the morning, as Momma is in the way (doing her networking on the laptop in the same spot as the main computer once was). Either way, successful or not, the machine goes into the shop tomorrow.

Oh! That’s right, this blog is supposed to be for the TRO! Sorry.

I got more corrected vehicle files from Geoff, for the Periphery. We also received proofed Draconis Combine vee writeups from Jeff, six in all. I have my work cut out for me this evening. Incoming art? Yes sir, we have sketches of the Outworlds Alliance Leopard VTOL from the Pea-meister and a prototype of the Federated Commonwealth’s Dragonfly from Mike Sullivan.

For those of you who have already completed projects and are awaiting your payment, please be patient. I am going to pay you by the end of the month – as has been mentioned until I (and everyone else) am sick of reading it, I am not a wealthy playboy. But my payment track record so far is good and let’s face it, if I don’t pay, I get no more art and a really bad reputation with talented artists.

However, the car occasionally needs a brake job and computers do conk out. Rest assured, you will all get paid before I pony up for the repairs to the house computer. I can use the laptop for another month or so. I will not post the art on this blog unless you give permission and I will not take ‘ownership’ of it (meaning the hi-rez images I need) until the money is in your hands.

Finally, I am spending a portion of this evening transferring files to a special folder which I will send to Jim Devlin when he gives the thumbs-up on assembling a prototype. For art which is not completed, we will substitute something. Like I said, it will be a mock-up and will not necessarily resemble the finished product. But all the important bits will be in their place, and we can do our figures from that.

Thanks for stopping in, and a special thank-you to the people who post comments on the entries. Your comments and feedback are quite welcome.



Anonymous said...

Ah the fun of computers.

I feel your pain. I am the "repair" guy for my mother-in-law account business.

Try explaining backups/updates etc to people who just want it to "work"


Mike said...

Hey Steve!

I read all of your posts but never comment. I guess I'll comment this time. haha.

It's too bad your PC is totally whacked. Sorry to hear it could not be salvaged.

About payments. You always pay and that is what matters. No worries on waiting until the end of the month. I know how it is.. better to take care of the important things before you pay for art or whatever.

Well, good luck on the disability allowance. I hope they hook you up man.

Take it easy!