Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More progress....

Well, there has been progress today! Poor Paul, who was jet-lagged for most of the week, finally came through with some sterling advice which clarified his earlier modifications to the Introductions. Thanks, Paul! I got to work immediately and removed all name references in the Intros (they are in the Table of Contents, after all) and reduced or eliminated specific references to combat ability, featured equipment, etc. As Paul pointed out, that information belongs in the writeups.

As promised, I contacted Mike about taking on more art (expect to hear from him soon after the holidays) and then I went trolling on After locating three promising artists, I sent each a message asking if they were willing to take commission work. No replies yet, but it’s just a matter of time. I will give it a go again tomorrow, time permitting.

David White’s Thunderbolt showed up today. It really looks good; at least I think so, and so I have featured it in this post’s header. Judge for yourself. It is primitive, as befits a retrofitted Star League ‘Mech found in a hidden base. The base didn’t have much, so the Magistracy of Canopus left it to the planetary government. What they found included a dozen stripped Thunderbolt chasses.

The result, after decades of work, is a slow (3/5), adequately armored (exactly 20 pts in each location, excluding the head) heavy BattleMech which carries an AC/10 and two MRM-10 launchers. Oh, and it’s powered by a GM diesel engine! Not much, but enough to handle the occasional incursion by ‘opportunists’ from the surrounding Periphery. A harbinger of things to come? I certainly wouldn’t know ;)

That’s all for this day’s work. I am going to shoot the revised Intros to Paul tonight so he can look them over one more time.



Anonymous said...

Great art!! Well worth the wait!!

Capt Kampson

David White Illustration said...

Thanks! (it was a long wait though... Sorry Steven!!!)