Friday, July 03, 2009

The list of Art to be commisioned....

First of all, happy Fourth of July to you all! Hope no one lost any fingers; those Rez fireworks can be pretty powerful.

I just finished reading ‘Common Sense’ by a fellow named Glenn Beck. Real eye-opener, let me tell you. I have read some of Al Franken’s stuff, as well as a couple of Michael Moore’s books, so I am ‘informed by two sides’ as it were. Glen was kind enough to include the text of the original ‘Common Sense’ by Thomas Paine, in addition to what he wrote, and that was worth the cover price all by itself.

What have we got today? Well, two responses from artists online who are interested in doing some commission work. That is good, but talk being cheap (for them and for me), we will see what shakes out. However, it would also seem there are a few people who have come to this blog wondering what needs drawing. So for artists interested in a paid commission and for those of you who just want to know what remains to be done, here is a list of the unfinished works.


Diatryma Armored Car – wheeled ten-ton vehicle, turret mounted small pulse laser and a SRM-2 short range missile rack. Outworlds Alliance. [UPDATE: the Diatryma has been commissioned to Malcadon. Good luck!]

Leopard attack helicopter w/ infantry bay - a thirty-ton VTOL with a small infantry bay, an Ultra AC/5 autocannon and four ten-shot rocket launchers. It also features a Guardian ECM, though this is not visible from the outside. Outworlds Alliance.

Horatio Bridgelayer – a forty-ton tracked support tank, this carries a deployable bridge on its back and features a sponson-mounted small pulse laser on each side, as well as an ER medium laser in the front and a small infantry bay. Free Worlds League.

Mastodon Minesweeper Tank – a thirty-five ton tracked support vehicle with a mine flail similar to the Scorpion from WWII. It carries a turret-mounted large laser and a small pulse laser, as well as an internally-mounted Guardian ECM suite. Free Worlds League.

Cortes Light Tank – a small six-ton tracked vehicle which carries a turret-mounted ER medium laser and a front-mounted ER small laser. Similar to a gun carrier from WWII, but with better armor and speed. Taurian Concordat. [UPDATE: the Cortes has been commissioned to Lee Madison. Good luck, Lee!]


Blackjack BJ2-0G – this configuration of the OmniMech carries a rotary AC/2 and medium pulse laser in each arm, one medium pulse laser in each side torso and an ER small laser in the center torso. It is equipped with four jump jets. Federated Commonwealth. [UPDATE: the Blackjack has been commissioned to JP Sphagnum. Good luck, JP!]

Forge FRG-1 – this is an assault ‘Mech with a PPC in the left arm, right arm and right torso. It also carries two ER medium lasers in the left torso, as well as an SRM-6 in the center torso. Comes with an integral Guardian ECM suite. Based on an upscaled Marauder chassis. Taurian Concordat. [UPDATE: the Forge has been commissioned to Jim Lafferty. Good luck, Jim!]

That’s all for now, folks. I will keep you updated if anything new becomes available.

Have a good holiday!


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