Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some tunes, tastefull and otherwise...

I have brought tunage to the BattleTech Reader. It is not enough for me to shove my opinions down your throat - I must jam some kinda crap in your ears, too.

Some of you may never have heard these songs. Others..... mmmmmmaybe.

One is very funny and kinda catchy, but has a few naughty words ('Like a Boss'). [Umm, actually, I took that out. I tried to explain it to my old friend Keith Mears, you know, as a way of warning him not to listen to it when he stopped by. Afterwards, I realized that if I could not find a way to explain without my face getting hot and my collar tight, probably it should not be there. I still like it and play it, but here at home, not out on the Internet.

The others are an example of my eclectic (read 'weird') tastes in music.

It is the kind of music I listen to when I am working on the TRO, so yes, there is a connection.

Let me know if you like it. Or if you don't. Turn the volume down a bit, though. The verdamnt thing starts out at full on.


1 comment:

Mike said...

The Telepopmusik song is great. I need to get that .mp3.