Saturday, August 15, 2009

The last 'Mech finally arrives....


Eriance has delivered the last of the ‘Mech images, leaving only eight vehicles to illustrate. These are in various stages of completion, and I have once again begun sending money out to my hard-working artists.

The Argus is a thing of beauty and everything I could want in an illustration. I wish I had more ‘Mechs for him to do, but Eric has created over a dozen images for this TRO and it is time for him to rest. He is going to try his hand at that interior plate; we’ll see how things turn out.

The Pea-man has turned in his finished Leopard; as soon as I pay him, I will get the hi-rez art I need to make that TRO entry. It looks very good and I anticipate the Diatryma any day now.

James Devlin has created a new mockup for the layout. It looks very good, clean and simple, something which will translate into a print copy very well. Next up should be the online version, something we have discussed based on the mockup he sent a few weeks back. It will be quite a bit more colorful than the print version, but that is the nature of the beast.

I noticed some errors in the mockup, none which were James’ fault. They had to do with the information contained in the sample readouts, and I have already gone and corrected them. Unfortunately, these errors are potentially in all vehicle readouts, so you know where I will be for the next couple of nights!

Geoff has begun on the Federated Commonwealth edits and I have already received the Churchill writeup. Geoff is busy making sure each readout conforms to the current military and political climate of 3063, a task which by rights should have been done at the beginning of the writeup. However, we only recently acquired the resources to do this.

Better late than never, I suppose.

Such work sometimes requires significant research and re-writes of a portion of a given writeup. This is most time-consuming, which is another reason why I am not frantically spurring my artists to finish their remaining pieces. It will all come together eventually. None of us is doing this for a living. It only seems like it :)

I have posted some of the art in the various BattleTech online forums, and the response is encouraging. Keep charging, guys!

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Anonymous said...

I have seen the Argus, and yes it is very very nice!