Monday, August 03, 2009

Shiny lights and a reminder of my mortality....


Well, it’s my first day of vacation and I pissed it away cruising the internet after Momma went to work.


Geoff came back with some polishing for the Argus AGS-3H writeup, but there is an issue of time elapsed between taking the original AGS-2D as battlefield salvage and the refitting and deployment of the ‘new’ Argus on Texlos, during the St. Ives conflict. We’ll work it out, I’m sure.

I’ve sent missives off to our layout man James Devlin and artist Daniel Cherng. No response today, but hope springs eternal. The final art for the Thug and the Blackjack have arrived, and they look darned good. Thanks, JP! Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a response from Jeremy on the Leopard – just a tiny change and it will be ready for prime-time. Lee Madison is still finishing up the Cortes and it looks as though Eriance may soon have time to finish the Culverin and FedCom Centurion. He has even asked for the data on the Argus, leading me to hope (with crossed fingers knocking on wood) he will take it as his last commission. This will finish up the ‘Mechs once and for all.

Jeff Kamper had a few questions concerning the cover art for the TRO; I am going to stick with the design we’ve got for now. Alex Iglesias did a fine job and I see no reason to change it. Though it *may* change, ‘Vehicle Annex’ is as good a title as any, seeing as the ratio of vehicles to ‘Mechs is about two to one. Again, no one is sorrier than I that there will be only one interior art plate, but the money just is not there. I have bills accumulating and they must be addressed, lest I find myself without lights, water and internet connection.

I have been assisting my son with his trials on Halo III; there exists a list of the re-spawn times for certain weapons in the game, and I have been tracking them and calling them out for him and his online teammates as they play fifteen-minute scenarios. It’s a big help, or so he says. I think he just likes Dad to sit beside him and watch him whale on other players, and quality time is getting harder to come by.

It’s not because my son has no desire to be with me. It’s because I keep coming up with things to do besides hang out with him. I have been told by my son repeatedly that I am an ‘ideal Dad’ compared to what his friends have, but to be honest, they would have to be desperately poor fathers to make me look so good.

Something to work on, eh? And not much time to do it, as a discovery today reminds me.

This morning, while shaving, I found a spot on my left cheek which looks suspiciously like a bit of skin cancer. It has been in the back of my mind all day. I thought it was a bug bite at first, as it itched a bit for the past three weeks. But after shaving, it looks like a bumpy liver spot and my mother has had trouble with this over the years. So off to the doctor’s for me on Friday. Better safe than sorry, I think.

Kinda keeps this TRO thing in perspective, ya know?

Dan Eastwood over on Giant Battling Robots has been writing about how he put a light in one of his BattleTech miniatures, and to be fair, he did a stand-up job. I have always had the problem of finding a power supply which would last a while and be easily replaced, yet fit into a hex base. I built the Pinto attack VTOL with spinning rotor that some folks may have seen at GenCon 2006. I built the Union Dropship which appeared at GenCon 2007 and is now on the back of Catalyst Games’ Strategic Operations Manual. I have installed lights and sounds in numerous Warhammer: 40K models and assisted others in doing the same for their models. But I still get a kick out of seeing what folks who have no experience with electronics will come up with on their own, and Dan’s effort brought a smile to my face.

Good job, Dan. It really looks smooth. Get those batteries replaced!

Well, I have to change out fish tank water, fold the clothes from wash day, clean cat vomit off the carpet (in two places!) and vacuum the house. It is nearly 9:00pm, so if I want to make significant progress on house duties before Momma comes home, I’d better get cracking.

Thanks for stopping by.


[edit: well, got the vomit cleaned and the clothes put away. Two out of four....]

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