Wednesday, November 04, 2015

German Edition - I Can Get It, But I Need Help!


Last entry, I noted the slow (read: nonexistent) progress of the German translation of this fan-made Technical Readout.

I have since begun to speak in $$$ and things are changing.

My translator, who does such work for a living, has agreed to a sum I can *almost* manage.

In return, we have a full translation by the end of January.

I am going to put up a PayPal button and see what sort of interest is out there for a good translation of this book into Deutsche

Donate if you want to see it happen.  I have about a month to decide if there's going to be demand for it.  If there is, I will commit.   I need to gather at least US $850 - half the cost - before I can proceed.

Thank you!

Steve Satak


Christian Gerner said...

I volunteer to help you with it.
German native - so the translation should not be a problem

Steven Satak said...

Please contact me on Facebook - Steven Satak, shouldn't be too difficult - and I will put you in touch with my two editors. They will determine your level of competence and whether you will be able to help move things along.

Thank you for offering.