Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Fan-made Technical Readout: 3063 Final Entry


The fan-made BattleTech Technical Readout:3063 is finished.

There are two versions: one is Web-quality and about 37mb in size.  The other is Print-quality and is about 95mb.

There are several additional books you can download that are directly associated with this TRO.

- Record Sheets: 3063 - as you might imagine, a PDF file containing all the record sheets for the TRO entries, including all the variants mentioned in each entry.

- QuickStrike Cards - these are cards corresponding to each record sheet; they are for use with the BattleForce version of the game.

- Art of the TRO - a fifty-plus page book outlining the evolution of the TRO art.  This includes the art we did not use, as well as sketches and alternate views.  Also inside is a section on the playtesting of the entries and an illustration of the various miniatures we created for our playtest.  Also! a bonus TRO entry.

Here are the links:

Art of the TRO

QuickStrike Rules Cards

TRO: 3063 Web Quality

TRO: 3063 Print Quality

Record Sheets: 3063

*** I have been having trouble maintaining the integrity of the files on my OpenDrive account.  If any of the above links fails, please visit the link below to get your copies. ***,2do30rpvgop1p0g,lgih87s3d5i25h3,4rd4slraun2male,mgvpefslpfzkc2e


Please note that we have been receiving errors in the various books, mostly to do with art quality, typos and record sheet errors.  We have corrected all of the issues thus far.  If you spot an error, please leave a note!  We will fix it and update these links.

*** If you want a copy of the 'Lessons Learned' from making this TRO, go here:

Our next project will be a BattleTech Infantry Primer.  We feel that infantry are a much-maligned, much-ignored force in the game.  This, despite the carefully designed rules for their use!  So we are writing a book to guide you through the process of selecting, assembling and deploying infantry in a game of big stompy robots.  Think of it as 'BattleTech Infantry for Dummies'.

This is the link to the new blog.  We hope to see you there!

Thank you for your support - and for stopping by!

Steve Satak


Anonymous said...

Thanks for such an outstanding result. I do have a small problem however. When I enter the Privateer into Heavy Metal Pro or Solaris Skunk Works the design comes out a ton under weight and 10 points short of the quoted BV2. The cost is right though. It's not a biggie, but I thought you would like to know.

Steven Satak said...

These were originally designed in HMP and unfortunately, that program does not handle ferro armor and some other things according to the Total Warfare construction rules. Same with the BV2 - although, you gotta admit ten points is pretty darn close!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what else to say.

Great work!

Britait said...

Thanks for the TRO sir, I expect for it since very long time, following ur work for some years.

I happy with the conclusion of de book, great job!!

Britait said...

I followed the realization of the book two years ago, I love knowing that you finally finished, I greatly appreciate your effort, I gladly under printable version and the Art of the TRO.

great work!

Steven Satak said...

Yeah, well... someone disliked it enough to launch a Denial of Service attack on my OpenDrive account. I blocked the IP ( but cannot understand why someone would bother to do that.


Rudel Gurken said...

Your work ist just great!
Attacking it can have only one cause: Envy ;)
Just keep your chin up and don't let it drag you down.

Ramon Lorenzo Francisco said...

Ran into this blog a couple of months back and enjoyed the articles and the art updates that I ended up bookmarking the site. Just swung around to see if anything was new and found out that The book was finished. I'm reading through it now and I find myself really impressed at the depth of the backstory for the TROs.

Great Job and I'm doubly excited for your next project, The Infantry Primer!


Steven Satak said...


Glad you like it! Let me know if there is anything you think should be in an Infantry Primer (what have you always wanted to do with infantry but did not know how?) and send me a design you think might be appropriate.

Ritchie said...

Excellent piece of work. I'll be happy to use these designs in my campaign. Thank you.

Steven Satak said...

My pleasure. A year and a half later there are still people coming here to look around and then download. Warms my heart. Thank you for stopping by.

ST. B. said...

Great Work, Thank You!

Trevor Reeve-Newson said...

Excellent piece of work, quite impressed really.

Trevor Reeve-Newson said...
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Steven Satak said...

@Trevor: glad you liked it! Be sure to download all the peripheral stuff too - there are extras and extra art to be had, in addition to the Alpha Strike cards and Record Sheets for this fan effort.