Friday, March 11, 2011

Things moving along... with big guns!

Werefox AAV II by Stephen Huda

Hey there!

It has been a long wait but we have some new stuff to show you as things slowly get done.

There are five pieces left to do.

Here is the latest:

- Paul Skowronek (Skiltao) – has been steadily working on editing the writeups. He has finished the House ‘Mechs and is now busy with the units from the Periphery and the Mercenary section. Thanks for the hard work, Paul!

- We have been upgrading things ever so slightly as the playtest results come in. After a recent game where OpFor played all tanks against Clan ‘Mechs, I decided that anything armed with a Class 20 autocannon should probably be able to move fast – it’s not enough to just sit there hidden and wait for someone to roll into range. The range for that big gun is quite short. Our forces put paid to the Clan scum with two Shrek PPC carriers, but even with their reach, they were too slow to catch a Summoner and the bastich got away. 3/5 is fine for having it out with big guys and other tanks, but not so good at catching heavies.

Therefore, the Federated Commonwealth’s Churchill Mk XX has been modified – it is smaller now, carries the same warload and armor, but moves a healthy 5/8 on tracks. Unfortunately, it almost tripled in cost, but is still quite a contender for the C-bill. We updated the HMP and PDF files and I altered the writeup to reflect the new design, but still have to enter the data in the HMP file.

- Our Layout Man, Bill Burt, encountered a distinct setback while running across a field playing airsoft. He stepped into a four-foot deep hole and nuked his knee. The bad news is that he will be OOC for the next six to eight months. The good news is that he has plenty of time now for the layout duties!

[As with all the images,
click on this to enlarge]

- Stephen Huda plugs away on the Werefox line. As you can see, he did a fine job on the Werefox AAV II.

- Eric Ou has been paid up to date, but is still too busy to take on a commisson.

- We have commissioned Matt Plog to do a piece. It will have to wait until I can pony up the cash, however. This should happen in late March.

- Anthony has completed the first of two commissioned pieces, as seen below:

Churchill Mk XX by Anthony Scroggins

- Karl Olsen has been brought back to redo an armored car for the Outworlds Alliance – the Diatryma. I am still tinkering with it to straighten out some strange angles but it looks good, otherwise.

Diatryma Armored Car by Karl Olsen

I declared the income from your donations on my taxes this year – the total comes to just under $900! Thank you all for giving so generously. I am sorry for the infrequent updates – once a month at this point while we slowly pay for the quality work we are getting.

For those of you who enjoyed the music over the past year, I apologize. Hypster ran into trouble about seven months back with copyright issues. Now they are only permitting people to play YouTube videos on their embedded player. I don't know how much of the BR experience this was for you, but I could not change the music around midsummer of last year and so, I am afraid, the music list got a little stale.

There are not a lot of embedded music players out there anymore, at least not the kind to which you can upload tunes and have them run on your blog. And this just doesn't seem like the place for videos. I will try, but no promises.

Okay, got it in. Go to the bottom of the page and open the playlist to play something different. There is no shuffle on this player.

Thanks for stopping by.



Mathew said...

Dude, this is a labor of love. With the quality being put into this bad boy, you can't but know it's going to take some hard work and time. I'm just glad to see that there are updates. It's nice to see that things are moving forward. Now... if I can just convince my wife to let me get the new anniversary box set and start teaching her how to play...

Jim said...

Some great looking art. Really the infrequent updates are ok...I think I appreciate them more. Not good about Bill's knee though...that's gotta hurt. =(

Jim said...

Oh, and if anyone made a mini of the Churchill I would so buy it...that thing looks sick!

Sounguru said...

Okay I know Steve has been whining about my knee a lot (I even caught him stalking around my house once to see if I was really hurt) so I thought I would jump in.

Basically I either broke or tore everything in that general area of the body. Good news is I'm up and walking again but sitting in a chair for any period of time where my leg is down causes it to be stiff and hurts like a *&^*((). I have a MRI on the 12th and then follow up surgery.

So now that I'm semi mobile for a period I will look over the TRO layout and see where I'm at and try to start hammering out a few things but no promises.