Friday, September 10, 2010

The TRO Art Advances...


We have made some progress on important stuff:

- Eric Ou has sent me the Urugan art. Our initial artist did a good job with this aircraft, but I nitpicked about perspective and I think that put the artist off completing the commission – it has been ten days since my apology and still no word from him. So the baton passes to Eric, who has done a stand-up job. I have sent my suggestions back to him this evening.

- Our original layout man, James Devlin, is not responding again. Eric has been busy and I am not sure he relishes the idea of coming up with brand-new layouts in InDesign. Meantime, I am enlisting the aid of a local friend with Photoshop and layout skills to assist. Some of you may be familiar with the name of that friend – it is none other than Bill Burt, my airsoft buddy and the co-creator of the dropship you saw at GenCon2007. Yes, the same dropship which currently graces the back cover of Strategic Operations.

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- Terrance Wong has also been busy colorizing . A sample of his work for the interior plates is below. The man is doing very well and I hope the art we have been sending him continues to inspire him.

- Paul Skowronek is still editing. He has six to eight more pieces from the Capellan vehicles and my guess is that they will show up all at once. Meanwhile, Geoff and I will be working to fill the gaps left by Paul’s diligence – in some cases, we’ve had to make up nearly 200 words. Since what needs to be said about the vehicle in question has already been said to everyone’s satisfaction, we are concentrating on battle history (which we can do quite well) and Notables.

- Ian Stead is currently working on the Tomahawk. Yes, I know – it has been a month since I first reported that, but we should have something for you by next update.

- Karl Olson has been plugging away at a rework of the Centaurus armored car. Take a look at the third draft below and compare it to the original:

- Daniel Cherng should be just about done in Utah by the time you read this. As he did a very good job on the Montgomery II, I eagerly await his corrections on the Katana.

- Chris Duke and the Panzerfaust. Progress… he is still working on the black and white version for the entry itself. Meanwhile, he has provided another color scheme for the interior plate that uses the Lyran parade colors. Also included is the Panzerfaust in winter…

- Prdarkfox really tried with the White Knight. And there are those who see nothing wrong with it. I originally offered it to Eric for a re-do, but he has been very busy with schoolwork and is already working on the Urugan. However, Lee Madison has made a return….

- Lee Madison has produced some of the best art we have. He has been missing in action for nearly five months, but is now back and ready to work on the White Knight – or at least take a shot at it. Better still, he has agreed to add backgrounds to several pieces done by Ian Stead – primarily the Ocelot and the Roland. Let’s hope he stays with us this time. He really is quite good at what he does.

That is all for now. I will soon begin to send money on the art – folks have been really patient for the past few weeks, and I have made the last transmission payment. Thank you all for waiting on this.

Control Line!

We have to take a break from airsoft, as Bill tweaked his back and cannot play in this weekend’s game – and my son has a track meet. Meanwhile, I am taking the time afforded by the art slowdown to tinker with an old hobby of mine – control line flying. Most of you will not know what I am talking about, but the following pictures should provide a clue.

I have also added some songs to the Musical Box.

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EastwoodDC said...

I recall my brother working very hard to construct a control-line plane when he was a teenager (1969?). On it's maiden flight it proved to be very unstable - ending with a fatal nosedive into the neighbors lawn.