Sunday, June 06, 2010

More Art Uncovered, More Commissions...


At the top of this column is another example of improved art. The original artist, Ian Stead, did a fine job. We own it. But I think it looks better since Eric Ou provided some background art to flesh it out. Click on the image to get a better view.

I have not heard from our layout man in a while. Hopefully he is not worse off, but I should have some news by tomorrow.

It is the end of swing shift and overtime at work, so my schedule will return to normal for at least a few months. It was quite the experience and I was very productive when working alone, but it will be nice to have the resources I took for granted on day shift.

I have had some luck tracking down the original artists thanks to Ryan, our art proofer. SimpleJay has not responded to my notes or emails, so we’ve gone ahead and begun replacing the art. Prdarkfox has been busy and just completed the re-engineered White Knight for House Kurita. As soon as I pay him I will post the piece for your viewing pleasure.

Ian Stead has not checked in yet but I expect something from him soon. Bill is working on the background art for the Ocelot II and should have something to show in our next update. He is highly skilled at shading and black and white art, so I expect good things. Daniel Cherng is also quiet; I have no idea where his piece stands, as I have had no sketches from him. Lee Madison is still silent too – he has not responded to my email and I can only suppose he no longer wants commission work.

Ryan is still chasing down vehicle art sources. He should be finished in time for our next post. As you can see from the following art, there is more to be uncovered. Since I have not heard from Mike Sullivan since he dropped out of the commission business, I do not know if we will be able to get a re-issue from him of the Montgomery II as it is. It looks good, really. But it’s too derivative of the original. I will ask him anyway… [he responded this evening, but is too busy right now. Perhaps in a few weeks…]

Take a look at the following pieces. ShamanX is responsible for most of the originals and I have reached a tentative agreement with him to redo the work in black and white to our specifications.

And a personal message to ShamanX (Nathan)...

Eric Ou is still at work on the Privateer, although he is also busy with other commissions right now. He has summer school approaching and I can only hope he will be able to provide the art for both Privateers before he is hip-deep in algebraic alligators. Meanwhile, I will be reading the rough draft for the new ‘Mech tonight after I finish this update.

Catalyst Games…

As of this writing there is nothing new regarding CGL. There is a lot of speculation and a lot of sniping going on at the remaining forums where Frank Trollman can still post. It seems there are plenty of CGL supporters out there, but to be honest, most of them don’t have a lot of constructive comments. As you might imagine, topic drift is pretty bad. But I still tune in to see if anything new appears.


My son had his birthday today. He is now fifteen years old. It’s a big deal to me, as I can recall his fifth and tenth birthdays pretty easily. John made out with the gifts – he got a new set of Pearl pedals for his drum kit so that he is working with the same set at home and at his instructor’s studio. He also got new shoes (Vans), skinny jeans and a red hoodie (Zumiez), a baseball bat and some balls, and a small surprise party with six or seven of his friends. Cake and ice cream for all! Oh, and dinner at Olive Garden. He was quite pleased with the day all in all, and is watching a movie with a sleepover pal right now.

I think the only individual not pleased with the day’s events is our cat, Marcus. He was spooked at the sudden arrival of all those strange young men and women in our house, and is just now sniffing around to see if it is safe to come in. Poor kitty!

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Professor Octavian said...

I am alive, sent you an email last night. Will get something to you asap - been on my hols

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you just drop the layout man at this point? Find someone new? You keep posting about how you have not heard from him.

Same for Lee.

"Algebraic alligators", I like that one. Is that one in the public domain, or is that one copyrighted :)? Can I use it in casual conversation without a usage fee :)? Or will a (tm) work :)?

CGL Supporter!

Steven Satak said...

Nah, go ahead and use it. Eric is a hard-working student whose bane is maths but who keeps charging them with his pencil-shaped lance nonetheless.

As for the layout man, such folks are not as easy to find as you might think. I am not dropping him right now for two reasons.

First, he really is good, he has said he is one hundred percent behind making this go, and he has been in constant contact with me despite his medical woes. We will work something out.

Lee, on the other hand, has not looked at my deviantArt notes and does not respond to my emails. His work is outstanding but for some reason he has decided to bow out. No announcement, not a single remark indicating disappointment with my payment, nothing. Just silence. I no longer count on him for anything, but occasionally ping him just in case he comes to his senses.

I am a BT supporter; CGL has manifestly dropped the ball and it is time to pass it on to another player.

Karyudo-DS said...

I sorta have to agree about CGL, honestly while the whole Dark Age put some people off and the Jihad sounds ridiculous it didn't seem as bad after awhile and sadly almost a decade later Battletech is still stuck AT the Jihad. That always bugged me how the setting seemed to come to a halt. I was more impressed by Fan Pro, at least they legalized the infamous 12 (which I mostly liked).

If someone else picks up the game I hope they at least move it in a direction.

Dropped you an email though Steve, do you have Trident Layers Gum?